How and when does check my source of funds?

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At, the financial monitoring department is responsible for checking the source of clients’ funds and (or) wealth. The primary duty of a money laundering reporting officer is to make sure we comply with all the relevant laws and regulations to track and prevent any financial crime.

As soon as the sum of funds deposited in your account exceeds a certain amount we will send you a notification asking you to send us a proof of the source of your funds. This is called a source of origin of funds/client's welfare confirmation procedure. 

When you receive this message, we kindly ask you to verify your source of funds and (or) wealth by sending us a graphic image in a proper quality (a scan, a screenshot or a photo) of one or several documents to show where your funds came from. 

Check which documents you can upload, depending on the source of your income. Please make sure that they are up to date and include your name, dates and all the relevant information clearly visible:

  • Salary: copies of pay slips for the past three months or a tax statement;

  • Savings: a bank statement, showing the current balance of your savings account and relevant documents, showing the source of your savings;

  • Sale of property: a copy of the sale agreement of the property or a bank statement, showing the proceeds of the sales coming to your bank account;

  • Cryptocurrency: relevant documents showing your cryptocurrency balance and any deposits/withdrawals for the past three months and (or) relevant information about transactions on crypto exchanges (trading history, operations);

  • Inheritance: the grant of probate, the inheritance will and a bank statement showing the received funds and your current balance;

  • Other suitable sources of income and relevant documents may include: self-employment, freelance or affiliate activities, dividends, rent, pension, sales of shares, investments, gifts, lottery, divorce and gambling etc.

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