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Please see below for an explanation of the terminology used to explain your account balance:

‘Funds’ - the balance resulting from closed positions and any deposits or withdrawals; This figure does not take into consideration the running profit or loss from open positions;
‘P&L’ - the overall running profit/loss of the open positions in your portfolio;
‘Equity’ - is the sum of Funds + P&L. This figure indicates the current value of the account;
‘Margin’ - the money on the account that is reserved for maintaining the open positions;
‘Available’ = Equity - Margin: the money on the account that can be used to open new positions.

Please note, running profits can only be withdrawn once the relevant positions are closed and the profits are realised. It is therefore not possible to withdraw more than the ‘Funds’ balance.

If the ‘Available’ balance is less than the ‘Funds’ balance, then ‘Available’ is the maximum amount that can currently be withdrawn. This is in place in order to prevent any withdrawal placing the account on to a margin call.

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