Why has my withdrawal been declined?

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A withdrawal may be declined for a variety of reasons.

See the most common reasons below:

Reason What to do
Rejected by your payment provider You can contact your bank for further clarification. Also, please contact Customer Support to get proper instructions
Requested documents have not been provided (i.e. confirmation of bank card/account ownership, origin of funds, etc.)
Check your email for the document requests and send the required ones to support@capital.com
Initiated to a different payment method (i.e., you’ve made a deposit with a card and requested a withdrawal via a bank transfer)
For security reasons, we return funds to the same payment method used at the time of depositing. Request a withdrawal to the same payment method that has been used to make a deposit.
If you wish to withdraw funds to another payment method, you should confirm the ownership of the payment method used to deposit funds.
You don't have enough funds available for withdrawal and a withdrawal can lead to positions closeout. You can close some positions/orders to increase the amount of funds available for withdrawal and try again or initiate a withdrawal for a smaller amount.
The volume limit per transaction exceeded
If you withdraw a larger amount, try to divide it into smaller parts.

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