Overnight Fee (Premium)

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The overnight fee is an interest payment that applies when you hold a position overnight. The interest is based on the size of a contract and is calculated daily. Please be aware that there are markets and directions where the fee may be paid to you.

Where can I find overnight fee amounts?

Overnight premiums are specific to each instrument and are listed on our website and trading platform.

Overnight fee percentage

The overnight fee percentage is based on different factors such as the benchmarks like SOFR and SONIA and our broker charge. We are doing our best to offer our clients the best possible trading experience at the lowest possible cost.

Overnight fee percentage changes

Overnight fee percentages might change depending on the factors that affect them. The company will update the fee percentage on the website and trading platforms as soon as there is any change in these factors. It is the client's responsibility to monitor the overnight fees and decide whether or not to carry a position overnight.

Overnight fee calculation

Please see below.

Asset class
Indices and shares CFDs
Relevant interest-rate benchmark (e.g. SOFR for underlyings denominated in the US dollar) +/- our daily fee (0.01096% or 4% annually)‌
Commodities CFDs
Underlying market adjustment (futures basis) +/- our daily fee (0.01096% or 4% annually)
Forex and Precious Metals CFDs
Underlying market adjustment (TomNext) +/- our daily fee (0.00411% or 1.5% annually)‌
Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs
‌Long positions: pay 0.06164% daily (or 22.5% annually)
Short positions: receive 0.0137% daily (or 5% annually)
All other cryptocurrencies CFDs
‌Long positions: pay 0.07534% daily (or 27.5% annually)
Short positions: receive 0.00685% daily (or 2.5% annually)‌

It’s possible that these rates could change in the future, but the current rates are always displayed on our platform.

Example: holding an index CFD trade overnight

Say you have a position of one contract on the US Tech 100, currently priced at 12475. Your position’s full exposure is therefore $12,475.

The US Tech 100 underlying market is denominated in USD. Therefore the applicable interest rate benchmark is the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) – which is currently 4.66448% annually, or 0.01278% daily.

Our daily fee is 0.01096%.

So to hold a long position overnight you would pay 0.02374% – SOFR plus our fee – of your exposure, which is $2.96.

To hold a short position, you would receive 0.00182% – SOFR minus our fee – of your exposure, which is $0.23.

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