What if I have issues with depositing funds?

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If you are having difficulties with depositing funds with a debit/credit card, please consider these solutions:

1. make sure that your card supports online payments (your bank may restrict online payments or international transactions using your card; contact them to remove this restriction and try to deposit funds into your account with your card again);

2. make sure that your one-time password is correct (to protect your account from fraud, banks can require confirmation of operations using 3D-secure technology. A bank sends you an SMS with a special code that you should enter in order to confirm payment. It is possible you may have entered the wrong code. Enter your card details again to receive a new code. The one-time password (code) is sent to you by your bank. If you have any questions related to receiving or entering codes, please contact your bank);

3. try to deposit funds to your trading account again (carefully re-enter your card details. Pay special attention to the expiration date of the card (the format is month/year), as well as to the CVV/CVC code (the last three numbers on the back of your card). If this is your first online payment, do not try to guess the code. Contact your bank support and ask how to find the code on your card);

4. check your account balance (check your balance via online or mobile banking, and then try to deposit funds to your account with your card again);

5. check if there are any restrictions on your account (banks can sometimes impose restrictions on card operations. There could be a limit on the number of transactions over a certain period of time or a maximum amount for a single transaction. Contact your bank and ask to increase the limit, and then try to deposit funds on your account with the card again);

6. contact bank support using a phone number on the back of your card (explain that you want to deposit funds to your trading account at CAPITAL COM but the payment was declined. Have the date and amount of the declined transaction on hand to provide to your bank. Your bank will be able to tell you the exact reason for rejecting the transaction and help with solving an issue with your payment);

7. try to pay with another card (sometimes there are issues with a bank or payment gateway, i.e. the banking system failure. Such failures are resolved promptly, and your payment can be successfully made within an hour. If the issue persists, you could try using another card to deposit funds into your trading account);

8. choose other payment methods (in addition to debit/credit cards, you can deposit funds with wire transfer, etc).


Do not try to deposit funds to your trading account more than twice per 10 minutes. Your card can be blocked for further deposit attempts. This is made to protect your card details against a guessing hack.

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