Why is your price different from Revolut?

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Revolut is a fintech banking company that operates as an exchange. You can only see one price on the platform as they only offer the opportunity to go long on an instrument. Whereas with Capital.com, you can go long and short on instruments.

Revolut also charges fees per transaction, whereas Capital.com offers 0 commission trading, and the fees involved are related to spreads only. Additionally, there can be discrepancies in pricing on the Revolut platform because instruments can be traded in multiple currencies. 

When you check prices from different sources, it is important to do the following: 

  1. compare the same markets in the same currency and in the same market type (spot/futures/options etc). Keep in mind that Capital.com mainly offers instruments that have spot prices;
  2. be aware of the differences in bid/ask and mid prices. Our handy guides have the essential details about mid prices and bid/ask;
  3. check any possible delay on third-party prices (unlike Capital.com, most free websites do not have fully live prices).

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